With More, Kimberly-Clark suggests a new positioning for PL products on the market. Massimo Nicosia, Retailer Brands Europe Director, explained the basic philosophy behind this new concept.
The new TIME700 line by Fabio Perini S.p.A. and KPL Packaging S.p.A. stems from the TIME philosophy and embodies the concepts of flexibility, reliability and efficiency, all concentrated in every single machine comprising the line.
The eleventh edition of the traditional appointment with the European and international tissue market took place in Spring, in Nice, France: the Tissue World show, held from 5 to 7 April.
“Centuries ago there lived… - A king! – my little readers will say immediately.
Starting with a very simple operation 20 years ago, ABC Tissue has grown to become Australia’s third largest tissue supplier, not far behind the multinational giants K-C and SCA. Company owner and CEO Henry Ngai spoke with Perini Journal about where the company came from and where it is going.
Tissue converting isn’t exactly the first image that springs to mind when one thinks about Tahiti. In fact, it would be safe to bet that tissue converting is most probably NEVER the first image that comes to mind when one mentions Tahiti!
The largest tissue converter in French Polynesia is a company called Tikitea, which provides about 60% of the tissue products used in French Polynesia. The company presently converts around 800 tons per year of tissue on its converting lines near Papeete on Tahiti.
Polyouate is the second largest tissue converter in French Polynesia, producing around 400 tons per year of finished product.
The planned installation of its first paper machine, combined with a new focus on the consumer sector, means that Florida-based Cellynne Holdings may help stimulate an increase in private label tissue products on the American market. It will be interesting to see how consumers respond.
The words “capital investment” sound like music to the ears of our industry suppliers. It is a magical combination of words, meaning that business is improving and the future looking so bright that you need to prepare for higher demand by investing. But what is the reasoning behind a capital investment? I think it is worthwhile to explore a few of the factors motivating the decision to spend money.
PL, i.e. Private Label, i.e. increasing market shares registered in Europe for the food and non-food categories.
Take it or leave it, private label products are seizing an increasing share of global retail sales on the back of both supermarket consolidation and an improved image.
Producing higher quality bath and facial tissue at commercial production rates is a challenging proposition
According to authoritative Nonwoven Production Statistics, issued by EDANA on an annual basis, nonwovens production in Europe grew by 3.7% in terms of weight in 2004. The statistics confirm that on the end-use side, hygiene remains the largest application for nonwovens: 32.6% by weight of all production.
In industry, safety and work is an inexorable match. In Italy, an unprecedented initiative has been successfully undertaken on this theme by the Fondazione Giuseppe Lazzareschi of Porcari in Lucca: the Progetto Sicurezza Obiettivo Zero (Project Safety: Objective Zero).
The company invented the toilet roll, feminine pads, kitchen towels. And it has just introduced a revolutionary anti-virus facial tissue. We have met with the company’s number one for Italy, who revealed to us the group’s new goals.
Who says all tissue rolls are the same? Number of plies, sheet count, weight, color of the core and packaging are not only the distinguishing features of a roll, but they also represent the main characteristics for its success on the market. With a little imagination and creativity, a unique product can be obtained.
Light and breezy as a summer wind, unique, unforgettable, beautiful: this is the bride according to Etienne Brunel (Mireille for friends), the French designer who has created a new concept for weddings – the dress made of nonwoven fabric and paper!
When you think of a piece of jewelry, you automatically think of gold, silver, coral, pearls, precious stones. Or maybe, in more common and daily situations, something that resembles these noble materials may come to mind. But have you ever thought of… paper?