The tailor-made roll by Flory Cart

Who says all tissue rolls are the same? Number of plies, sheet count, weight, color of the core and packaging are not only the distinguishing features of a roll, but they also represent the main characteristics for its success on the market. With a little imagination and creativity, a unique product can be obtained.

Maura Leonardi

The tailor-made product is something that companies have been striving for in recent years in order to distinguish themselves on the market by offering a personalized product. Strong competition and the intense research by consumers to find the best product-for-the-price offer have led the management of many companies to redesign their sales strategy, focussing on service and proximity to customers rather that on the orientation towards production that was so common a few years ago.

And it is such a tailor-made product that Flory Cart, a company operating in the tissue converting field since 1972, is able to offer its customers. Changing market conditions and the instinct for survival have led the company to establish a new aim for itself: to offer a flexible and punctual service, thus building partnerships rather than mere supply relationships. The structure is dynamic and well-organized, based on the criteria of quality and transparency.

Dynamism and communication are the tools the company is concentrating on to offer innovative and unique products. The product, or better, the roll (both toilet roll and kitchen towel) is Flory Cart’s main focus.

ITS 30-YEAR EXPERIENCE IN THE TISSUE PRODUCTION FIELD has allowed the Lucca-born and based company to attentively and pro-actively keep abreast of market evolutions, answering new demands with qualitatively valid and innovative solutions, adding to its branded product also a line dedicated to private labels. A clear and transparent line conceived according to the value and the competitive advantage of each single item. While for the kitchen towel, a product using the DESL technology is offered (in simple white tissue or with colored décor) for the toilet roll, three different categories have been created: Micro-embossed, Compact and Goffra-Incolla.

These categories immediately identify not only the production technology used, but also the different product target: low, medium and high-range. Rolls in 2-3 and 4 plies, smooth, micro-embossed or laminated (goffra-incolla), with white or colored décor (in up to 2 colors) are the family-run company’s forte, a veritable laboratory of ideas capable of combining production competence with product marketing. To complete the service offering, several package formats from 2 to 32 rolls in PE foil or bag.

HOW CAN YOU PACKAGE YOUR OWN ROLL? With a simple click of the computer mouse on www.florycart.com!

By entering the section dedicated to private labels, the buyer can choose among the 3 product lines: Compact, Micro-Embossed and Goffra-Incolla and compile his or her own roll by combining together the different variables (number of plies, décor, simple embossing, height, width, number of sheets, weight, color of the core, packaging) contained in the forms available on-line. The idea stems from innovation and allows retailing to differentiate the product range thanks to the numerous types and combinations possible.

The Compact category, sub-divided into Compact White and Compact Color (pink and/or peach colored products) is perfect for those who want to offer smooth high-range rolls in 2 to 4 plies. The Micro-Embossed line proposes simple or decorated micro-embossed products (both from 2 to 4 plies). The simple Micro-Embossed product is ideal for a low or medium-range product while the décor is located in the medium range and is perfect for those retailers who want to produce decorated rolls having a good added value. The Goffra-Incolla category represents the higher range in terms of production technology and finished product. It is divided into Goffra-Incolla White, white paper and uncolored décor, Goffra-Incolla Color, with colored, decorated paper, and Goffra-Incolla Design, a white paper roll with colored décor or colored paper with décor of similar tonality, a perfect combination for high-added value products.

A VERITABLE CONSULTANCY SERVICE, capable of offering information relative to the product’s feasibility, production and delivery times, production costs and therefore allowing a complete vision of the production process as a whole. Softness, décor, variety of colors, number of plies (from 2 to 4) and compactness are the bases on which to build a tailor-made roll that answers to the main product demands. The series of perfumed rolls allows to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Like the new 4-ply colored roll belonging to the Goffra-Incolla Design category (white with colored glue): Oriental Rose perfumed core, having the same color as the product’s décor. A coordinated, highly personalized roll capable of conquering even the most “spoiled” consumers, always in search of exclusive products. People are not all the same. And neither are tissue rolls. So come and build your own personalized “dream roll”! •

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