A 170,000-square meter structure comprised of industrial warehouses, customer care centres and offices: these are the new premises of Fabio Perini S.p.A.
March 2003: a conventional date for an appointment with state-of-the-art philosophy. And thus innovation takes shape. Innovation in the form of the LX SINCROLINE. A line with which Fabio Perini S.p.A. dictates the standards of converting technology. A project born from the XXL experience, from the evolution in width and from the Sincro transfer technology. The NEXXT generation to come, but at Perini, it's already here.
Folded hand-towels, napkins, giant BRT and HRT rolls are the big players of the Away-From-Home tissue business, a market segment that covers more than 25% of tissue paper's total consumption.
On the Versilia Coast of Tuscany there is a place where contemporary art takes shape.
From 13th to 15th November, 2002, the 10th edition of China Paper Shanghai was held at the Everbright Exhibition centre in Shanghai. The annual appointment with the international paper industry constituted a showcase for exhibiting companies and a meeting point for all those involved in the pulp 8 paper and converting fields.
Using abundant and cheap bagasse fibre as the raw material, Guangxi Guitang will be adding 50,000 tons/yr to Chinese tissue capacity next year. If all goes according to plan, the company may well add more machines as it strives to become the biggest Chinese tissue producer.
Operating through its Shuya subsidiary, which is already a large producer of sanitary napkins, Nanning Sugar is continuing its move up the value-added ladder to diversify from sugar making. The latest project includes a new diaper line from Diatec aimed at the high quality sector.
China, with its huge population of 1.27 million (2001) and continuing strong economic growth, has become an increasingly interesting market for any kind of consumer goods - including tissue products.
We hear every day of tissue businesses trying to achieve better added value for their products. There are many ways of attempting this, whether it is through the construction of the tissue substrate, the ability to give improved bulk and absorbency, the style of embossing, or finally the decoration. This paper looks at the novel ways of decorating tissue utilising specialised inks.
The TissueFlex™ shoe press is proven successful in all commercial installations. Let's have a closer look at its advantages compared to other press concepts.
In the field of paper, and specifically in the converting process, many times we forget the procedure that lies behind the production of the parent reel.
The Perini Journal has gone to Mexico City, to Copamex - Consorcio Papelero Mexican owner of such established brand names as Regio, Lovly, Tessy and Flen, who in September of 2002 launched Lady Regio on the market, the first toilet roll dedicated exclusively to women.
In the hygiene field, nonwovens are sometimes considered articles of everyday use without distinctive characteristics. Feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products and wet towels are just some examples of the numerous applications of nonwovens that enter every phase of our daily lives.
The small town of Ambert, southwest of Lion, in the region of Auvergne, bears the most ancient witness to the origins of the paper industry in Europe: the Richard de Bas mill. This industrial site, located about 600 meters above the green and fresh Laga valley, was one of the first mills founded in the Auvergne region at the beginning of the XV century.
Cardboard furniture. Tables, chairs and bookcases born as experiments are today veritable productions used in shows, sports events and have even established their place in museums.