NEXXT: Innovation on the converting line

March 2003: a conventional date for an appointment with state-of-the-art philosophy. And thus innovation takes shape. Innovation in the form of the LX SINCROLINE. A line with which Fabio Perini S.p.A. dictates the standards of converting technology. A project born from the XXL experience, from the evolution in width and from the Sincro transfer technology. The NEXXT generation to come, but at Perini, it's already here.

Maura Leonardi

The development of high performance machines and the enthusiasm for new ideas are at the basis of the project. These two concepts fully express the Perini philosophy: to supply machines that lead the evolution in converting. And so, the LX SINCROLINE is born as an innovation which exceeds the limits of converting technology and sets new aims and constant prospects for development. High production cycles, electrical and mechanical modularity, safety, simple yet functional design, automated product changeover are the points that come together to create the line. The wisdom that comes with learning from experience together with the will to go beyond production limits has constituted the project's inspiration.

The LX SINCROLINE is fruit of the maturity of the XXL project, through the development of new features applied to a standard format. The heart of the line is a rewinder model Sincro where speed and efficiency are clearly the result of the experience acquired on the Perini rewinders that have in these past few years witnessed continuous improvements. The development of the Sincro project has resulted in the optimization of the rewinders' mechanical and electrical solutions, making format and product changes quicker, and in the maximization of efficiency - intended as the relationship between theoretical and actual production - of the entire line. This latter objective has lead Fabio Perini S.p.A. to no longer consider the production line as a succession of heterogeneous elements, but as an integrated production system, reliable and flexible.

Today, in the LX SINCROLINE every production phase has been optimized and all line modules are synchronized, thus eliminating any bottlenecks and making the entire production process more fluid, flexible and efficient. The high number of transfers and the extremely high speed allow to break previous production records. The simplicity of the core handling system, facilitated by a new accumulator, results in a flow of twice as many cores with respect to the standard one, ensuring a high number of cycles, improving overall performance. And the entire system follows the level 3 criteria of the European safety norms.


In the LX SINCROLINE, innovation represents the trait d'union between experience and the capability of exceeding production limitations. Safety and flexibility have been the focal points of the system engineers. High cycle rates - the Benchmark in converting industry, better working conditions, added value, electrical and mechanical modularity are the key elements distributed along the entire line.

-High number of cycles for the production of both kitchen towels and toilet rolls.

Speed and efficiency represent the genesis of the next generation; the new Sincros are extremely reliable and flexible and combine a high number of transfers - up to 50 logs per minute - and an extremely high production speed - up to 700 mpm. The machine is designed both for the production of kitchen towels and high quality TAD products.

-Better working conditions thanks to the guarding that protects the entire line.

The newsoundproof cabin that encloses the unwinders is a veritable innovation of the LX SINCROLINE. The machine also follows the norms dictated by Level 3 of the European Safety Norms.

-Electrical and mechanical modularity.

A line philosophy that well espouses the experience acquired by Perini on the individual machine units, leading to a concept of modularity, both under the mechanical and electrical aspect. Every machine unit is autonomous, thus facilitating assembly, dismantling and maintenance.

-Added value.

The new generation of printing units allows high speed quadrichromatic prints. Since all operations in this unit are completely automated, operator intervention is limited and simplified. The new embossing-laminators are conceived to work at high speeds and, thanks to the different configurations they can assume such as DESL, Point to Point, DecoEmbossing, confer maximum flexibility to the line and offer a wide choice in terms of final product. The easy opening of the sideframes allows the replacement of the embossing unit's steel rolls in less than two hours. These key elements are the genesis of the next generation of machines. Innovations that stem from the ability to unite experience with the enthusiasm for new ideas, to the will to break production limits by constantly setting new ones. The Sincro technology and the new line conception have allowed Fabio Perini S.p.A to well serve a field that is in constant evolution, stimulating the internal processes of research and development in every aspect of the production line. The Lucca company part of Körber PaperLink, has thus been transformed both under its organizational profile as well as in its relationship with customers; from a manufacturer of innovative converting systems, Fabio Perini S.p.A. has become a supplier of modern industrial solutions. The LX SINCROLINE is just the beginning of the NEXXT Generation...

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