Hanging by a thread

The effects of globalization are drawing a new scenario of our society.

Moving production centers from the West to the East has deeply changed the social structure of the areas involved in this historic transfer.

Social inequalities and short-term geo-political interventions have faced off very different development models, favoring migrations towards wealthier countries and causing strong friction apparently originating from religious radicalism.

In this scenario that does not easily show reliable progress, we can only try to identify the useful behaviors present in our “modernity”.

We are used to thinking that:

• a Market with correct rules yields positive fruits both for the sellers and the buyers;

• we must not force situations, rather, we must interpret trends;

• it is not a good idea to be fearless, but we must not be afraid of change;

• if we curl up in a ball or do not respect the rules, it will be difficult to obtain positive, stable results.

We can presume that these behaviors that are part of the professional ethics often stated by those in power could be applied also to mitigate, perhaps even settle, friction and contrasts that upset those countries subject to strong migration flows or to divergences having an apparently religious origin.

They are complex issues of very different nature but have something in common with the rules of the market: a strong need to interpret demands and a prompt identification of agreements.

When the market interests several actors, it often involves politics and enters that field where, as Marshall McLuhan warned, “There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening”.

Sensitive to and supportive of the behaviors that favor the resumption of stability, agreement and the resolution of humanitarian issues at all latitudes, Perini Journal offers its contribution by reporting on the world of hygiene. A world where continuous innovation and healthy competition give life to a market that is showing great vitality and abundance of protagonists.

Maura Leonardi

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