The PJL constantly proposes new ideas to its readers and introduces a new column, simply called INTERVIEW: an INTERVIEW, a conversation.

Particular, interesting people, VIPs of whom it makes sense to know thoughts and ideas. Questions and answers. A view of their world that, apparently far away, affects us all very closely. INTER: prefix of Latin origin, refers to a halfway position between 2 objects – in this case 2 subjects – expresses reciprocity, feeling of community and union, all reflected in a strong interest for the interviewee. VIEW: sight, one of the 5 senses, the capability to give sense to what we are looking at, space, scene observed through a specific perspective. INTERVIEW represents all this.

And it débuts with Gautam Thapar, a young Indian businessman of innate charisma, chemical engineer, Avantha Group’s President and CEO. Ballarpur Companies, India’s biggest tissue producer, belong to him. Professional successes, interests and passions. We present the man and his thoughts on the development of a fascinating, constantly growing country.

INTERVIEW is almost in the middle of the PJL, quick and easy to find. Just this once, start reading from the middle because “a good start is half the work”.

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