Building bridges

Signals evident to all impose to deeply re-think our system of development.

Walter Tamarri

The idea that we are not the owners of the planet but rather just its temporary guests and that we should leave for future generations all that we have received in conditions that are at least the same as - if not better than - the original ones, is a concept that must become part of our common way of thinking.

This does not mean chasing the spark of romantic idealism, but rather establishing the balance between economic development, social equity, use of resources and respect for the environment that ensure the future of the human race.

Climate changes and the close interaction among the different economic systems have recently given us tangible, increasingly frequent proof of the negative repercussions generated also in far-away places, confirming the "butterfly effect" mentioned in the chaos theory: the beating of wings of a butterfly in Japan can trigger a tornado in Texas...


We must build a bridge that helps us to break with old ideas that confused growth with development, to break with the idea of a stubbornly anthropocentric society and to salvage the sense of every action of ours on the systems that make up our existence through a new individual awareness.

The first "energy" resource that we must use is our intelligence - this may not always be available, but it is certainly renewable - to find new ways to collectively face the ongoing economic-environmental crisis.---The intentions outlined by Barack Obama in his environmental sustainability program to lift the country's economy and protect the planet, are very close to the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The American President, furthermore, has anticipated the creation of 5 million jobs in the realm of the development of renewable energy and energy that is respectful of the environment.

One of his first concrete actions has been to replace the entire fleet of White House vehicles with new, plug-in hybrids.


Precious positive indications that help us map out a direction of virtuous behavior, a "flap of the wings" that gives us hope for the future.

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