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March 2007: Fabio Perini S.p.A. presents “state-of-the-art” converting technology, fruit of Research & Development activities, and offers innovative technical solutions to the converting industry – an industry always aiming to attain high technological standards.

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Paradoxically, the final output of converting machines is “banally” considered a mere commodity. But this does not transmit, instead, the idea of the high level technology that goes into the machines involved in the converting process. Sophisticated software, a delicate combination of mechanics and electronics, synchronization of every machine component, the quest for efficient systems to maximize production speeds, the application of automations to facilitate the work of operators, making the machines continuously more intelligent, are just some of the aspects presented by Fabio Perini SpA this Spring. An important “technological season” to underscore how fundamental 40 years of experience in the converting field are and how “state-of-the-art converting technology” is the result of two important factors: knowledge of the market and the desire to offer avant-garde machines, capable of satisfying the needs of every market segment.

THE “GLOBAL” PHILOSOPHY OF FABIO PERINI S.P.A. AIMS AT OFFERING MACHINES FOR EVERY MARKET IN THE WORLD, covering all market ranges, whether these be industrial or consumer, the latter a market whose strongholds are innovation and differentiation. Finish and starting line of the mission Perini, aimed at constantly developing innovative products, is the new CoreLess® line for industrial rolls with or without cardboard cores, that stands out from the rest due to its high level of flexibility and production capacity. The new construction philosophy embodied respects and underscores the aspect of safety of the working environment. Each component of the line has been designed as an independent module from the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic points of view, facilitating interventions by operators. All the machines are pre-arranged for the addition of dust suction hoods.

THE NOVELTIES INTRODUCED IN TERMS OF DESIGN ARE OBVIOUS EVEN UPON FIRST GLANCE: the soundproof cabins, designed and built in respect of safety criteria, facilitate accessibility and operation of each single machine component. Furthermore, they are pre-arranged for the addition of the dust suction system in a simple and rational way. For even greater safety, automatic emergency opening devices have been introduced that allow immediate door opening from inside the cabin. Important technical construction details such as these are fruit of the study and teamwork of design engineers, always searching for continuous and constant “technological excellence”.

The high degree of line flexibility is given by the possibility of obtaining a complete range of products for the Away From Home sector, such as industrial rolls and examination table sheets, and for the Consumer one (toilet rolls or kitchen towels, with or without cardboard cores). Products that can be printed, embossed, with in-phase perforation and cutoff and a high quality standard.

THE CORELESS® IS FRUIT OF “TEAMWORK” AMONG ALL THE MACHINES COMPRISING IT: the new unwind backstand mod. 376A, rubber-to-steel embosser mod. 471C (with gearless, one-color printing station), Deco/DESL embosser mod. 475C, new CoreLess® 790C rewinder, tail sealer mod. 575C, accumulator mod. 536D, log unloader mod. 657D and log saw mod. 112D. Each machine is perfectly synchronized and in-line with a common denominator: flexibility, given the possibility of being able to run different web widths.

AUTOMATION AND EFFICIENCY distinguish the unwinder mod. 376A, a machine that unites the main features of a traditional manual reel change unwinder with a high degree of automation. With its renewed design, the model allows to work on the reels independently from the unwind side and from the operator side, guaranteeing grater accessibility by the operator and facilitating the parent reel change preparation phase, both in the manual and automatic modes. The latter takes place through the use of the air foils that allow independent advancement of the web plies for enhanced final output.

VERSATILITY AND MODULARITY are the features characterizing the new rubber to steel embosser mod. 471C.

In terms of modularity, the new structure facilitates the addition of suction hoods. Independent motors for each station contribute to making the embosser even more flexible. The quick & easy rolls change, together with embossing parameters control (directly from panel) facilitate the work of the operator, conferring versatility to the embossing unit. Another feature that confers added value to the machine is the possibility of being able to position a simple and efficient one-color printing station with gearless transmission on the embossing station 471C, resulting in a printed product. Thanks to the accuracy of the drive controls, it is possible to maintain the position of the printing in reference or in-phase with the embossing and the perforation. Once printed, the ply can be sent to the subsequent unit or back inside the underlying embosser for a further process.

NOVELTIES AND INNOVATION also for the multi-functional embosser mod. 475C. Production capacity has been enhanced and roll change times reduced. The machine can be configured for simple embossing processes, such as rubber to steel, and also allows to make DESL, deco-embossing and point-to-point configurations. Another novelty is the possibility of separately controlling the speed of the two steel rolls, so as to be able to have décor and background on a single station, facilitating the production of a deco-embossed product on one machine. Both the models 471C and 475C belong to the so-called “intelligent” machines, since embossing parameter adjustments are made directly from panel.

RELIABILITY AND EFFICIENCY are the line’s motto, and the rewinder plays the role of “captain” in this team.

Born from the experience of the Sincro technology – basic principle and synonym of winding safety – the new CoreLess® 790C represents a further development in terms of product flexibility and production costs savings.

Capable of producing rolls with or without a core, in a diameter comprised between 100mm and 450mm through surface or central winding, the new model sets the foundations for the beginning of a new technological age.

REVOLUTIONIZING THE WINDING LOGIC OF THE CORELESS® IS THE NEW AND EXCLUSIVE WEBTUCK SYSTEM, designed and patented by Fabio Perini S.p.A. This device makes it possible to start the winding cycle of the web both on a mandrel and on cores, without the use of glue – something that certainly entails advantages both in terms of handling and economy of use. This revolutionary web thread system guarantees stability and efficiency of operation, and the elimination of glue during the winding phase translates into a cost reduction estimated at about € 100,000 per year with respect to a traditional system. An exclusive and sensational novelty that confirms the technological forefront of the Italian company. A reliable system of servo-controlled punzoncini allows this new rewinder to have perfect control of the winding, density and consistency of the finished roll during the entire diameter growth phase. Also in this case, automation and operator friendliness represent two fundamental factors, so that it is possible to control and modify all winding parameters even while the machine is running (perforation length, sheet count, log diameter, web tension) directly from panel.

THE TAIL SEALER MOD. 575C, TOO, HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO ENHANCE FLEXIBILITY, bringing workable diameters from 100mm to 450mm and guaranteeing performance with all types of paper. Since the “teamwork” of the line is made up of the synchrony of all its components, the accumulator mod. 536D has been improved in terms of accumulation quantity and transportable diameters, bringing it to a total capacity of 81 logs for diameters of up to 270mm. A simple parallel control system between the chains continuously checks for proper machine functioning.

AND, FINALLY, THE CORELESS® LINE, where also the log saw mod. 112D has been enhanced to guarantee excellence at the cutting phase. On this model, a sophisticated axis control system has been added, that makes all movements necessary for the optimization of cutting parameters independent. The industrial CoreLess® line represents a new production system capable of offering numerous advantages in terms of reliability, product flexibility, cost reduction and excellency of the final product, whether it be an industrial, toilet, kitchen towel or coreless roll.

ENHANCING THE ENTIRE MACHINE RANGE IS THE OBJECTIVE OF FABIO PERINI S.P.A., that brings innovations for industrial products to the market. But it also brings another and just as important novelty for consumer products: the new FortyFive® line for the production of toilet rolls and kitchen towels.

The configuration of the FortyFive® line, simple and versatile, aims at satisfying the needs of the medium-high segment of the market through greater production flexibility. Conceived in respect of the safety criteria (new emergency opening devices and modular construction system), the new line unites simplicity and economics, a winning combination thanks to which it is possible to obtain highly innovative products.

THE START OF THE WINDING PROCESS is entrusted to the consolidated experience of the unwinder model 4811, capable of guaranteeing ease of operation, efficiency and reliability. To satisfy embossing requirements for speeds of up to 550 m/min, we find the mod. Deco/DESL 451C, capable of making rubber to steel, DESL, deco-embossed and point-to-point products, all at record product change times.

AT THE HEART OF THE LINE IS THE NEW REWINDER FORTYFIVE®, created to optimize converters’ production resources. The rewinder’s production performances boast a speed of up to 550 m/min or 45 logs/min for products with diameter from 90mm to 160mm. High production performances, supported by the corewinder mod.

280F, reviewed in construction and structural terms and optimized to guarantee appropriate feeding to the rewinder.

Aided by the unwinders for cardboard strips mod. 4202 + 4203 and thanks to the introduction of a rational and functional cutting system on magnetic bushing, the corewinder 280F allows to enhance cutting performance, reducing wear of all components used in this phase. Regarding the gluing of the cardboard strips, it is important to mention the new laminator glue gun, that accurately deposits the necessary quantity of glue in relation to the different speeds. In this way, the machine is kept cleaner and the glue is better distributed, eliminating any waste.

ALSO THE TAIL GLUING SECTION HAS BEEN RENEWED through the tail sealer mod. 560CVL that in this new version is able to handle the 45 logs per minute produced by the FORTYFIVE®. Technical enhancements have allowed to reduce maintenance interventions, improving the tail sealing process, with perfect control of every working phase. To complete the line is the log saw mod. 184D, a 4-lane, high speed machine that guarantees continuous cutting of the toilet roll/kitchen towel product in a diameter comprised between 90mm and 152.4mm, with the possibility of changing the cutting parameters directly from the panel, even while the machine is running.

THE TWO NEW LINES - the CoreLess® for the industrial segment and the FORTYFIVE® for the consumer segment - respect the principles of design and production of innovative products, capable of strengthening the Fabio Perini S.p.A. brand, a brand stemming from 100% Italian technology.

The “state-of-the-art” technology presented here reflects the predominant company philosophy: to create machines with an extra concept, or to evolve the traditional ones currently present on the market. •

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