Pulsar and Fondazione Lazzareschi: Technology & Passion

Pulsar and Fondazione Lazzareschi create an unprecedented binomial: Technology and Passion. The Innovation in Tissue Award 2006 is born in Lucca.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. This phrase by German philosopher Friedrich Hegel is the motto chosen by the Fondazione Lazzareschi and by the company Pulsar to explain this new, interesting initiative that once again focuses on the world of tissue.

Perini Journal

The first edition of “Tecnologia e Passione. Premio Innovazione nel Tissue 2006” (Technology and Passion: Innovation in Tissue Award 2006) is dedicated to all those who, thanks to the passion they show towards their work, have given and daily give a great contribution to the research and development of new and constantly more sophisticated technology. The aim was to highlight the fundamental role of those technicians who have contributed in a determining way to transforming a production problem into an innovative industrial solution through an idea, an intuition, which was then brought to fruition by Pulsar.

Here, Passion – a theme so dear to poets and artists since time immemorial, an element ideally connected to the sphere of our most intimate emotions – has been joined with Technology – the world of machines, of science and of cold rationale. And the fact that the result of this binomial is certainly positive is evident from the numbers: 16 awards to 21 technicians belonging to 10 different companies.

“An important recognition to those who, with their contribution of ideas, have had a determining role for the progress of technology in this company and in the Tissue industry,” underscores Massimo Franzaroli, President of Pulsar.

FROM THESE IDEAS, 16 NEW TECHNOLOGIES HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED, seven of which are today protected by patents. These solutions, developed subsequently on an industrial scale, are presently applied in several converting facilities in Europe: Delicarta, Floricart, Futura Line, Kartogroup, Ibertissue, ICT Industria Cartaria Tronchetti, Intertissue, SCA, Soffass, Wepa.

WE ASKED MASSIMO FRANZAROLI TO EXPLAIN TO US HOW THE IDEA FOR THIS AWARD WAS BORN. “We have been involved in the Tissue field for just a few years, but since 1998, the Tissue industry has evolved in an extraordinary manner: innovative technologies applied to production, transport, packaging and palletizing machinery have allowed the realization of converting lines having production capacities that are more than double those of the previous period. Pulsar was and is an active part of this evolution. Through this initiative, I would like to reciprocate the trust that the tissue technicians have shown us in these 9 years of activity. And the technician is the key figure because it is he or she who daily augments and enhances his/her knowledge. This aspect becomes all the more important in a field where raw materials are represented by an ensemble of dust, water and a bit of glue. Those who, like us, design and develop special systems and machines for customers, know that every technical request is a new challenge to be met, a new stimulus, but above all it is an experience to learn from. I Sincerely hope that this appointment becomes a tradition, a veritable “tissue celebration”. And to do this, it is necessary that other companies choose to reward other technicians who, with passion and competence, carry out a determining role within their companies. The initiative has been launched and I hope many will follow suit.”

And indeed, so it is: for the 2007 edition, Elettric80 of Bologna will reward the many deserving technicians. This appointment promises therefore to be just the first of a long series. And maybe today we can really say that the world of emotions and passion has prevailed and has found its important recognition in the rational and analytical world of science and technology.

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