CONCEPT X™: the new brand to conquer Asia!

Its name is Concept X and it is the new brand launched on the market by Körber Engineering Shanghai last December, on the occasion of the Tissue World China exhibition. The new range of machinery, ideated to meet the needs of entry level markets, was officially introduced to more than 300 visitors during the 2-day Open House held at Körber Engineering Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao facilities.

Maura Leonardi

This event was the ideal occasion to show the results of the company’s work in China over these last two years. Innovation and technology products are the key elements of Körber Engineering Shanghai’s competitiveness on the Asian market. Starting with the background of Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s 40-year experience in the field of tissue converting and from Casmatic’s (now part of KPL Packaging) skills in the field of packaging, Körber Engineering Shanghai is now expert in research and development of technological products for the Asian countries, China in particular. The Chinese market shows great promise and, with its population of 1.3 billion, is going to become the scenario of the converting industry’s future challenges.

ALTHOUGH THE PENETRATION OF TISSUE PRODUCTS IS MAINLY CONCENTRATED IN COASTAL AREAS, where the main Chinese metropolises have developed, the urbanisation policy of the Chinese government and strong economical development are going to change lifestyles, giving disposable products consumption good chances for growth. Convenience, practical and low-price toilet rolls and kitchen towels are the products that are most penetrating the market; but the driving force of the growth of disposable products consumption will become product innovation. The average purchasing power of Chinese citizens is still quite low but the inhabitants of the most developed areas will play an important role in the increase of more added-value products. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the strong investment in infrastructure - which will favour many rural inhabitants’ move towards the cities - constitute the future basis for disposable products development. Also the increasing interest that many large retailers have in the Chinese area will further favour the penetration of tissue products into this market. For example Carrefour, the French large-scale retailing trade giant, is present in 22 Chinese cities with 42 hypermarkets and also with discounts - called Dian Tiantin - in Shanghai and Beijing.

IN SUCH A LIVELY CONTEXT, THE NEW CONVERTING MACHINERY CONCEPT WILL ALLOW KES to anticipate the effects of the Chinese economic revolution and to offer converters the tools to face the boom of the upcoming years.

Competence, experience and technology will constitute the right means to grow together with the market, counterbalancing the possible negative effects of an extremely rapid growth.

In the current worldwide negative economic context, keeping costs down seems to be the main objective, and this is often to the detriment of quality and technology; this is the reason that this new brand also guarantees technology and competence. It is a new concept for the Asian converting industry, and especially the Chinese one.

Starting from the model X1 to the model X5, Körber Engineering Shanghai presents a complete range of machinery both for converting and packaging.

The new X2 and X3 lines, the new packaging machine model XP1, the X5 in-line with the Casmatic brand packaging machine model CMW111 for single rolls, the X-PH110 for the packaging of handkerchiefs, were the machines on demonstration during the event.

Designed and studied in Italy, through the collaboration between Fabio Perini S.p.A. and KPL Packaging S.p.A, the machines will be produced in China. Flexibility, simple operation and high productivity are the main features of the new models. Let’s see them in more detail.

The new automatic rewinder model X2 has a compact and modular design that facilitates assembly, dismantling and maintenance operations guaranteeing the production of one, two or three-ply toilet rolls with or without core. Maximum speed is 135 mpm or 6 logs/min; the machine can run reels with diameters from 1200 to 1400mm or from 1600 to 1800 mm. The double embossing station guarantees high added-value products.

200 mpm or 10 logs/min is the maximum speed of the model X3, ideated for the production of one, two or three-ply toilet rolls, with core, embossed or unembossed. Ideal for those converters who would like to launch a good added-value product on the market. The machine can be equipped with the deco-embossing station to produce embossed and decorated rolls.

AND WHAT ABOUT PACKAGING? Reduced format change time and simplified operation make the new XP1 packaging machine very flexible and fit for the needs of a growing market. The new model, ideal for those operators who are starting a converting activity, packages toilet rolls and kitchen towels in a wide range of configurations at a maximum speed of 12 strokes/min. Its compact dimensions simplify installation and maintenance; this machine is ideal to differentiate products packaging.

The model X-PH110 packages tissues with one or more plies, in one stack. It is a simple and compact machine, with simplified installation and maintenance that guarantees high production speed, up to 120 packs/min. Thanks to its easy operation and panel control, the machine is highly operator-friendly.

Today, manufacturing machinery means constantly proposing new solutions for the different market needs. Flexibility, dynamism, experience, simple and functional technology are the key elements of this new brand. •

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