A full Moon

“A full moon”: this is the image that best describes the new product by Cartindustria Veneta. A revolutionary roll launched on the market by the Italian company, which meets the requirements of aesthetic appeal, quality and convenience but lacks one characteristic: the core.

Maura Leonardi

Today’s market not only requires flexibility, dynamism and innovation, but also new ideas and a little bit of initiative. Conscious of this, the company from Veneto, present for over 30 years on the institutional and consumer markets - with its Softflower brand -, has introduced Moon on the shelves of “Cash and Carry” and large-scale retail chains. Moon is an innovative product ideated to conquer also the horeca sector. The product is presented in the form of two-roll packs to the consumer segment and in 12 two-roll pack cartons, with a useful dispenser, to the institutional market.

WITH THIS PRODUCT, THE YOUNG AND DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT OF CARTINDUSTRIA VENETA CHALLENGES THE PRESENT WORLDWIDE NEGATIVE ECONOMIC SITUATION, aiming at quality and innovation and at an original and unique product that will allow the company to emerge and find an important place in a market that has traditionally fallen under the commodity category. The product’s launch results from a project started last year with an accurate study of consumption habits, market situation and operators’ needs. The horeca segment has different needs with respect to the consumer market: it requires low added-value, high-convenience products. Consumers’ purchasing habits have changed accordingly in these last few years, with a preference for cheaper products. Compactness, concreteness, usefulness, ergonomics and convenience are the features that most attract the operators of the institutional segment, which, suffering the lack of innovations, is more innovation-receptive.

MOON, USABLE UNTIL THE LAST SHEET, GUARANTEES AN EXCELLENT PRICE-QUALITY RATIO, which has become a very important aspect for companies operating in the tissue production and commercialisation business.

Considering the production process, the elimination of cores allows cost cutting, raw materials reduction (the core production process is eliminated) and the optimisation of the whole production line. The reduced volume of rolls entails savings in packaging materials, less space needed for storage, costs reduction for transport (one of converters’ main problems) and for the product’s placement on supermarket shelves. Furthermore, the absence of glues and starches in water drainage guarantees environment protection. And for the end user? 100% convenience! Use of the whole roll, competitive price and no waste make Moon a valid device to offset the effects of the Euro.

So, all that’s missing now is …to shoot for the moon! •

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