With 52 logs/min. reached at the demonstration phase and product changeover in less than 10 minutes, the demonstration phase and products changeover in less than 10 minutes, the new Perini XXL line establishes 2 world records and enters the Guinness book.
The evolution of the smallest of the Sincro series lines continues.
In September, the world of tissue and nonwovens moved to China for two important events.
Emotions of a walk through the city of Lucca: the high walls surrounding the villas do not reveal their hidden secret to the passer-by. But the greenery of the cached gardens peaks through, letting the visitor admire all their natural beauty.
Carter Holt Harvey Tissue is the main tissue producer of Oceania. Market leader in Australia and New Zealand, CHHT belongs to the Carter Holt Harvey Group ,principal integrated pulp & Paper producer of the region, 50.1 % owned by international paper, the n. 1 world producer of cellulose and paper.
On the shelves of Australian supermarkets only one winner: brand quality!
The quality of the cardboard core deeply of the finished products and the performance of the converting line. But what are the factors to consider when speaking about cores? ICP tells us.
On the occasion of every accident that befalls you, remember to turn to yourself and ask what power you have to turn it to use. EPICTETUS 60-120 AD
The third Eco-Lucart research project interrogates consumers and retailers on ecological products. The results show a clearly growing business.
The success of the PLMA exhibition in Amsterdam comes as no surprise. Protagonists face off against one another to the tune of supermarket shelf space.
The "paper trail" this time takes us to Finland, where a historical board mill, today a museum, bears fitness to an entire town's vocation for the production of this material.
Landscapes, faces, characters, objects: with paper sculpture, in particular with bas-reliefs, it is possible to create veritable scenario having great potentialities and wide applications, as demonstrated by the works of some of the most famous "paper-sculpture" artists.