W+D-Langhammer truly portrays a strong, competitive company

Many things have changed since Heinrich Langhammer founded W+D-Langhammer in 1971. But one thing hasn't: the commitment provide modular, trailblazing packaging solutions - transport and palletizing solutions in particular - for industries as diverse as tissue, paper, beverages or the chemical and health care sectors.

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Over the years W+D-Langhammer has witnessed gradual but constant growth in the development of precision technology in the design and manufacture of end-of-line systems for transport and palletizing. With a dynamic company structure counting more than 170 employees spread over its two production sites - Eisenberg (Palatinate) and Freiberg (Saxony) - in Germany, W+D-Langhammer works at full capacity to offer a wide spectrum of systems that range from palletizers to complete systems for product and pallet transport.


At the Eisenberg facilities, the company manufactures standard and robot Pallet systems. The site includes two facilities: N°1 containing component assembly, spare parts and warehouse, and N°2 where components are manufactured. The Freiberg site, officially founded in 1991, inaugurated in 1993 and expanded in 2002, specializes in the integration of articulated-arm robots and the production of curved roller conveyor technology, vertical lifts, and units for the specific needs of the food industry. W+D-Langhammer's technology is based on a modular design in which every single unit is comprised of parts that are easily adapted to the individual needs of each customer. Adaptability and flexibility are the two key concepts behind the success of these systems. The combination of modules allows being able to respond quickly and precisely to the needs of companies working in different fields - a versatile system that ensures a high degree of flexibility and speed when supplying customers.


In fact, flexibility and modularity are the two adjectives that best describe the company's strategy. In the mid-1980s, when the tissue industry changed its supply system from large packs to display pallets, the company met the challenge by responding to the changing needs of the market and began to expand its portfolio of conveyors by adding palletizing systems. As Enrico Pes, who together with Georg Schmitt is the Managing Director of W+D-Langhammer, says: "A bird never flies with just one wing". In 1991, the company was faced with different challenges, among them the glutted tissue market and the subsequent crisis which hit the entire industry in Central Europe.

W+D-Langhammer reacted with a new strategic approach.


The need and the Determination to remain competitive over the long HAUl drove the company's management to broaden its business vision by offering its technology to other branches such as the chemical, food and body care industries. This proved to be a wise and far-sighted decision that has made the German company today's all-around supplier of palletizing and transport systems for the industries mentioned above. "We can palletize and transport just about any product - as long as it's packaged," says Enrico Pes.


A team of expert technicians enables w+d-langhammer to satisfy their customers' production demands in the best possible way, and to respond quickly when needs arise. Implementing and constantly updating their technology - a technology that spans every field of industry they are involved in. The paper and tissue industries require top flexibility and high performances for a wide variety of products. The priorities in the food and personal hygiene industries are different and are tied with the product's own safety and hygienic requirements. For this reason the palletizing systems must guarantee a high level of cleanliness and an uninterrupted production cycle.


Reliability, high quality standards and easy system maintenance are the main characteristics of W+D-Langhammer products. The company is able to offer its commercial partners a dedicated, no-nonsense, competent and quick-to-react staff of experts. The company's Customer Service department ensures a prompt response to each and every need. W+D-Langhammer truly portraits a strong and competitive company. Since 2008 it is part of Winkler+Dünnebier AG (W+D), a company belonging to Körber PaperLink (KPL), the strategic management holding of the Körber Group's Paper Division. Being part of a group has allowed for an increase of W+D-Langhammer's international contacts and made cooperation with other KPL companies possible. The exchange of know-how and experience generates teamwork among the different companies. This working method enhances the technological interaction of the entire production chain in the tissue and paper fields.


The Open House held from October 14-16 in connection with the three-day Miac Tissue show (International Paper Industry Exhibition) last year at the exhibition center in Lucca, Italy was an excellent example of teamwork and integrated production systems within the KPL companies. At the nearby Fabio Perini S.p.A. facilities demonstrations were held featuring an integrated converting platform comprised of the Fabio Perini S.p.A. TIME700 line, the KPL Packaging S.p.A.wrapper A5T, and the high-performance W+D-Langhammer PA8 layer palletizing system integrated with two ZF50 infeeds. Teamwork underscored this three day demonstration where visitors were able to view a complete and integrated converting cycle, beginning with the parent reel and going right up to the palletized product - ready for transport.

Tomorrow is determined by the choices made today. For this reason Enrico Pes and Georg Schmitt believe that their company must always be one step ahead of the times and always open to new ideas and impulses.

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