Adhesin® FiberPlus: because softer feels better

A new generation of softening agents offers impressive opportunities for the tissue market. Adhesin® FiberPlus from Henkel is a new innovative product in terms of softness and makes for a real difference and convenience in tissue production. It is designed to be used in the manufacture of toilet paper, handkerchiefs, napkins and facial tissues.

Federica Arrigoni, Henkel Global Marketing Manager


WHAT´S NEW ABOUT ADHESIN® FIBERPLUS? Adhesin® FiberPlus, developed by Henkel, is a softening agent that can be easily added through all common roll or spray application systems, penetrating web fibres and increasing softness, consistency, volume as well as machine functionality. The product is used at room temperature and adds an immediately perceivable “soft touch” to the tissue sheet which – it is important to note – does not effect the degree of absorbency of the cellulose fibres.

Meeting high consumer demands, Adhesin® FiberPlus products are dermatologically tested for direct contact with skin.

Environmentally speaking, it is 100% water dispersible and, of course, completely biodegradable.

It is a known fact that soft tissue products are becoming increasingly popular in the tissue market, but these are mainly lotionized products. Adhesin® FiberPlus is a sof-tening agent, not a lotion: it penetrates deep into the cellulose fibres instead of only coating the paper, supporting the fibre structure and consequently increasing bulk and softness.


DIFFERENT PRODUCTS WITH FASCINATING PROSPECTS. Henkel’s Research & Development Lab has developed a complete Adhesin® FiberPlus product range to offer tissue pro-ducers new potential to improve their market position by creating selected and more differentiated products.

Therefore Henkel offers three different products of the Adhesin® FiberPlus range:


ADHESIN® FIBERPLUS BASIC is the standard Adhesin® FiberPlus product with a very smooth feel. It reaches its maximum degree of efficiency within 15 days of its application.


ADHESIN® FIBERPLUS ACTIVE increases softness, unifor-mity, and gives an immediate sense of smoothness and silkiness. It interacts directly with the cellulose fibres and shows great workability. Selected fragrances complete its superior performance.


ADHESIN® FIBERPLUS CARE is designed for products containing skin protection ingredients. In this special Adhesin® FiberPlus product, vitamin E elements are supplied to protect the skin from free radicals as well as Aloe Vera for relaxing and balancing effects. Avocado oil helps regulate the moisture and lipid balance of the skin.


NOT JUST FEEL... SCENT THE DIFFERENCE! The Adhesin® FiberPlus Care development features another attractive plus: it can be supplied with selected per-fumes. Consumers associate fragrances with particular products, moods, memories and environments, and so it is easy to understand how a special fee-ling with a product can be created through the addition of perfumes. And the choice of scents to be used is facilitated through the Henkel Fragrance Center.


PROVEN SPECIFICATIONS. Henkel’s lab experts have performed several series of extensive tests to demonstrate the high standards that Adhesin® FiberPlus products provide. All tests prove that Adhesin® FiberPlus meets efficiency and quality expectations. The test results show that paper fibres treated with Adhesin® FiberPlus are softer and bulkier than common fibres.


FRICTION COEFFICIENT. With this test, friction between two plies of paper (one with Adhesin® FiberPlus and one without Adhesin® FiberPlus) can be measured.


HANDLE-O-METER. This test measures the force (weight) required for a blade to bend a sheet of paper through a calibrated gap.


PANEL TEST. With this testing method, a team of selected panellists evaluates tissue in terms of softness and smoothness against an untreated sample.


DERMATOLOGICAL TEST. Responding to growing consumer awareness is of fundamental importance to demonstrate the dermatological safety of a new product that is bound to come into contact with human skin. Henkel´s varied test methods proved beyond a doubt that the Adhesin® FiberPlus product range meets the highest requirements for compatibility with skin.


FROM THE LAB TO PRODUCTION. From the pulper to the converting line, tissue producers can achieve higher process efficiency through improving the complete papermaking process with Adhesin® FiberPlus. By applying the product to the converting process, many advantages are achievable: the pulper is kept neutral and its speed can be increased by up to 6%. Moreover, the risk of paper breaks during the process is substantially reduced and the paper quality can be tailored as required.

Even with lower quality cellulose fibres, a higher value product can be obtained by using Adhesin® FiberPlus on the converting line. As the risk of paper breaks is minimized, capacity utilization can be increased significantly. This results in greater flexibility and safety and, at the same time, reduces production costs while delivering a more valuable product. Furthermore, it improves responsiveness to market needs. Adhesin® FiberPlus is to be applied preferably before lamination in all common types of tissue converting machines. No technical modification of the tissue machine is required if Adhesin® FiberPlus is used via an existing prin-ting unit: full control of the quantities applied, surface coverage, and consistent dosage is maintained.

If the machine is not equipped with a printing station, a perfect solution may be a retrofit developed by Fabio Perini S.p.A. Furthermore, excellent results are assured for the application of Adhesin® FiberPlus with a rotation system with continuous and uniform application or with a spraying unit.


About Henkel

The headquarters is located in Düsseldorf, Germany and the company is now represented in more than 125 countries. Henkel operates in three strategic business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries, and Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatment. Henkel is in an internationally leading position in environmental and consumer protection. This derives not least from Henkel’s pronounced capability to innovate.

When it comes to developing innovative products and more efficient manufacturing processes – such as Adhesin® FiberPlus – Henkel is the partner of choice for manufacturers of high quality products. Within the tissue realm, Henkel fits in as partner in a business with high innovative potential, delivering the best service to its customers, always keeping in mind consumer needs.


For further information or detailed documentation visit: www.henkel.com or contact: tissuetowel@henkel.com

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