Spares are finally On-Line!

The multi-media revolution that has taken place in the course of these last few years and the consequent widespread of Internet has led companies to redesign and innovate their industrial and commercial processes so as to be able to quickly answer to the needs of a constantly more frenetic market.

Perini Journal

The consolidation and diffusion of Internet constitute an interesting phenomenon that has reduced distances, making them less of an obstacle. But Internet also represents “the information highway” through which it is possible to source information easily and quickly.

For Fabio Perini S.p.A, too, Internet has become a strategic driver in order to redefine its distribution policy, in particular for what concerns the Spares Service & Training Division’s new Spares On Line Service. This new service has been created to facilitate the purchase of spare parts on-line and allows Perini to enhance the efficiency of its services in order to develop and consolidate the relationship with its customers.

HOW CAN ONE ACCESS THE SERVICE? Starting from the month of April, Fabio Perini SpA offers its customers a worldwide, round-the-clock service through its virtual web shop. By entering the website www.fabioperini.com/service and through the use of a User ID and password, customers can check in real time and in absolute privacy the spare parts warehouse, price and availability of the desired spares, forward purchase orders or request offers. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? The new virtual service made available by Fabio Perini S.p.A is personified through its two fundamental functions: a logistic function and an informative function. The first of these is given by the decentralization of the worldwide spare parts warehouses that allows to serve every market in which the company operates. The second is made concrete through a quicker answer to customers’ needs, because this service reduces the time previously required between order placement and dispatch, with the consequent improvement in the quality level of the service. Furthermore, with Spares On-Line, it is possible to monitor and check the order elaboration process through on-line tracking of the shipment status.

For this, a direct link with the express courier is provided. The new service has been designed to be easily adaptable to the latest version of STAD (Automatic Data Elaboration System) documentation (version 3 of 2004), the electronic documentation supplied on CD-ROM together with the machines delivered. It will thus be possible to create a spare parts list within the STAD documentation and to transfer it with a simple click of the keyboard, to the Spares On-Line service and request a quotation or place an order. •

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