GB Engineering enters the world of Perini

Five years after the presentation of the Perini Fold Division (see Perini Journal °15) Fabio Perini S.p.A. is again investing in Folding Equipment Technology; this time through its North American affiliate.

Maurizio Baraglia

On the 30th of November 2001, Green Bay Engineering Corp. (GBE) and its Development Industries (DI) subsidiary, officially became part of Fabio Perini North America Company.

The intent of this acquisition is to further increase the range of tissue converting equipment offered by Fabio Perini S.p.A., and at the same time to respond to the continuously growing demands of the Tissue Fold market. Green Bay Engineering Corp. was founded in 1976 to meet the custom converting needs of the tissue paper industry. Since then, GBE has grown from a small consulting operation to a worldwide supplier of paper converting equipment.

In the past quarter century, GBE has supplied converting lines for several different market sectors.

During that time, GBE has developed special expertise in inter-folding technology for the production of multi-fold towel, single-fold towel, and inter-folded facial tissue.

Development Industries has developed special expertise complementary to the offerings of GBE, including packaging machinery, such as banders and case packers for folded tissue products.

GBE and DI are a well-established producer of various types of converting equipment, including but not limited to:


Single-fold towel, multi-fold towel, big-fold towel, facial tissue interfolder, napkin, weaver, epicyclical tucker.


Matched-steel, paper-to-steel, rubber-to-steel


Driven, undriven, center drive, self-chucking.

-Log handling systems

Ream/log accumulators, ream/log loaders - unloaders, ream/log transfers, shuttling conveyors.

-Banders and related equipment

Log banders, package banders, saw infeeds, package or log compressors and case packers. Additionally, GBE is able to provide creative upgrade solutions, including the full reconditioning and automating of existing semi-automatic interfolder lines.

In fact, GBE has been recently awarded a purchase contract by a major multinational tissue producer to completely automate two existing interfold production lines.

It was during the execution of the above-referenced automation project that the synergies provided by the collaboration of the FPNA and GBE engineering staffs really gathered momentum. The diverse backgrounds of the engineers have provided a launch pad for the exchange of new ideas and concepts.

To take full advantage of the collaboration between these two talent pools, GBE has been fully integrated into the FPNA facility in Green Bay, WI, USA.

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