"LE VIE DEL TISSUE” (The Road of Tissue)

International meeting of intercultural exchange about the Tissue Paper world.

May, 23th,2014


The Club Tecnologia e Passione is pleased to present "LE VIE DEL TISSUE” (The Road of Tissue), an international meeting, promoted and organized by the Club, to learn and discuss about different aspects and realities of the Tissue paper industry.


- a Roundtable an Exhibition of Tissue products from different countries of the world

- an Exhibition of a Tissue Handkerchief collection

- an Award Ceremony of excellence in University and a Special Prize

The Roundtable

Managers and entrepreneurs of companies outside Europe, producers of tissue paper, invited by the Club as guest speakers. A unique opportunity, at international level, to meet, learn and discuss about different aspects of the field of tissue paper industry and to emphasize the excellence existing in every country, to speak about differences in every production system, of the markets, with the aim of highlighting innovation, curiosities and peculiarities. A nice opportunity of relationship among people of this industrial sector.

GUESTS Countries/speaker, invited to the 2014 edition, coming from:

• Japan: Mr. Takei Sano - President Marutomi Paper Manufactoring Co. Ltd

• Middle East South Sahara: Mr. Riad Baloukji , CEO Gruppo Boulos - Nigeria

• Arab Countries: Mr. Helmut Berger - CEO Abu Dabi National Paper Mill

• Hungary : Mr. Ferenc Bodrogai – CEO Forest Papir Ltd.

Led by Jonathan Roberts , the round table provides a twenty minutes speech for intervention and a space for questions. Each guest speaker will present, by support of videos and slides, topics related to:

- Their position and role in the company;

- Company history and products,

- Most consumed products;

- Distribution system in the country;

- Curiosity about production and country market;

- News on "country system".

The public will have an active role in the questions space. You will be able to ask questions to the speakers. Managers and administrators of Italian companies will also answer to questions made by foreign representatives.

The Audience

The invitation is addressed to:

- European producers of tissue paper (business owners and managers)

- Manufacturers of machinery (enterprise owners and managers)

- Institutional Authorities

- Members of the Technology and Passion Club (Companies members and their guests, personsmembers)

- University, professors and students

And more..


Each of the guest foreign company provides finished products and paper samples of its productions,to set up an exhibition of the different types of products demanded by their markets.


At the headquarters of the Club - Giuseppe Lazzareschi Foundation - willbe held, from 9th to 25th,May, 2014 an interesting exhibition of a tissue handkerchief collection. Result of the passion of SilvioFioravanti, the collection boasts more than 13,000 pieces - from 78 nations - from the early models(1930-1940) to the latest novelty. The collection came, at the end of 2013, into the "Guinness WorldRecords" as the largest collection of packages of handkerchiefs in the world.


Every year, the Club supports young people through the “CLUB T&P University Study Award”. Thecontest is promoted, managed and financed by the Club and is open to young engineering graduatesin all the Italian Universities. The day will also the opportunity to organize the ceremony of Prizegiving to the top three finishers of the 2013 edition and for a Special Prize of an original InternationalPatent in the paper sector.A further initiative to highlight and reward excellence.


To conclude the day the “Club T & P Dinner”, open to guests and members, as a pleasant moment of informal relationship.

Program (subject to possible variations)

Friday, May, 23th, 2014

H 3:00 pm - Arrival of the participants

H 3:00/4:00 pm - Welcome Drink - Visit to the Exhibition of the Tissue Handkerchief

H 4:00 pm - Round Table “Le Vie del Tissue"

H 6:30 pm - End round table

H 6:30 pm - Awarding Ceremony "Premio di Studio Club T & P 2013"

H 7:00 pm - Ending award ceremony

H 7:15 pm - Salutation, end of the meeting day.

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