TidBits 101: No more embarrassment for Japanese girls... liberation wrapper is here!

Have you ever felt unease while trying to bite down on a hamburger? Japan has come up with a fun solution...

In Japanese culture, a small mouth has always been considered a symbol of beauty and refinement.

For this reason, Japanese girls preferred not to order the traditional mega-hamburger in order not to show their wide-open mouth in the act of biting down on the sandwich.

This custom has led to serious problems in the revenues of the “Freshness Burger” fast food chain, who decided to call for help in finding a solution... And the solution they found is called “liberation wrapper”, a napkin that frees girls from self-consciousness by covering their mouths while they eat their mega-sandwich. The napkins are depicted with a slightly smiling but rigorously closed woman's mouth.

From the point of view of sales, the advert agency hit the nail on the head: hamburger sales skyrocketed by 213% just one month after the invention of the liberation wrapper.

With this special napkin, the refinement of a Japanese woman remains intact!

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