Tidbits 099: Paper and air - sculptures by Karen Bit Vejle

A world of lace, ballerinas and fairytales, all to be discovered.

If we stop for a moment to admire the works of Karen Bit Vejle, we immediately enter her magical world. Her works in paper create incredibly suggestive scenarios, remain suspended in mid-air, leaving anyone looking at them with a sense of awe. She is inspired by Andersen’s fairytales, by ballerinas, fairies, butterflies and enchanted forests.

She uses a technique that comes from the Far East called “psaligraphy”, meaning the art of paper cutting. But her style is very personal and has attained such high levels that she is retained one of the greatest European artists in this form of art.

Her sole instruments are continuous pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. At each cut, she draws a fragment of history. Her hands create a dance of perfect forms.

Her first exhibition was inaugurated at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Trondheim, Norway, in 2008 and since then, Karen has never stopped. Her works have impressed the entire Scandinavian Peninsula and have reached the United States and China, meeting with enormous success.

Major brands have noticed her, too, and have selected her works. Just to name one, Hermès chose to decorate the windows of its boutiques with the enchanted laces made by Karen Bit Vejle.


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