TidBits 092: Here comes Alfa Bike, the cardboard bicycle.

The new bike wins the “Technological Innovation 2013” award.

Who would have ever thought to ride on a cardboard bike? Today, it’s possible thanks to the genius of an Israeli designer Izhar Gafni, who has designed and produced a bicycle made of a lightweight, resistant, low-cost material… recycled cardboard!

Izhar Gafni was inspired by birds’ nests, beehives, structures whose architecture makes them dependable and resistant. The study lasted years but his tenacity made him win the award for technological innovation 2013 from the prestigious Popular Science magazine.

The unusual bike has a cardboard framework, wheels and spokes, covered in a paint whose sole purpose is to isolate it from humidity. The tires are made using old, recycled car tires, the pedals are in PET from recycled bottles, the distribution belt is in rubber recovered from old cars sent to be demolished!

Try it and... enjoy the ride!

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