TidBits 083: …Making castles of cards…

Bryan Berg, 34 years old, extravagant and imaginative American architect, is a professional builder who does not utilize bricks or concrete as his raw material, but rather... playing cards!

By applying the technique of one of the most famous and relaxing pastimes, Bryan produces exhibits using playing cards, with which he has built a copy of Cinderella's Castle in 2004 and a 7.26-meter tower in 2006. He also uses the most recent magnetic cards with which in 2009 he furnished some rooms of New York's Holiday Inn. On that occasion, the modern magnetic keys served to build a 400-square meter structure that included a bedroom, a bathroom, a hall and various pieces of life-size furniture.


Bryan Berg has once again surpassed himself by even entering the Guinness Book of World Records through the creation of an imposing castle made up of 28,792 playing cards. With his incredible ability, he produced a perfect copy of the Venetian Macau Casino in China. Working for 44 days without the use of glue or adhesive tape, he expertly positioned his “special bricks“ as he calls them, and embarked on his most ambitious project to date. The structure included foundations and support columns and only weighed 227 kg.


We are deliberately using the past tense because, unfortunately, the Guinness rule states that the work must be destroyed within 10 days of its creation, with no way to safeguard these exceptional “heritages“. But their fame, even though connected to just a few split seconds, certainly raises them to the status of universal legends!

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