TidBits 081: Superman: our hero and friend!

Gary Frank, protagonist of the art of international comic strips, has created the features and personalities of the most representative characters for the two colossal giants Marvel and DC.

His international fame has skyrocketed in the realm of Comics and today he is considered the author who has best re-interpreted the figure of Superman. Comics lovers and experts appreciate and admire him. So much so that they follow him at every public exhibition, such as Lucca Comics and Games, where - right before everyone’s eyes - Gary draws the famous face of Superman, the one that fans prefer: the image of the American actor who made him immortal.


Speaking about this success story, Gary himself said in an interview last year: “The features of Christopher Reeves came out spontaneously for me! The character had such an influence on me when I was a boy that it is hard for me to think of Superman without thinking about him.” Superman presents himself with his famous face - a friendly face for the entire world - and the PJL meets Gary Frank, a new friend, during the PJL “Cocktail Vernissage”, the event taking place in Lucca on October 10th to spend some time with the collaborators and friends of Perini Journal. And of course, like in every comic strip worthy of the name, we’ll tell you about this adventure, too… To be continued…!

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