TidBits 080: Scanner Design... at random!

The world of Marcello Bersini, an artist, intellectual, philosophy graduate originally from Brescia who now lives in Parma, is comprised of oil colors, a myriad of toothpaste caps, disc brakes, metallic objects, colored sand and finely chopped magazine spines.

And all this is used to create portraits of evanescent landscapes and flowers bubbling with life that pop out of the canvas and to invent lamps using waste materials; designer furniture and objects built entirely using remnants of multi-colored magazines. The aesthetic concept is based on randomness that becomes usefulness, together with a frenzied passion for motley collections -- not as an end in itself, but developed to create objects of everyday use.


Scanner Design is the series of complementary furniture objects made using magazine spines which, according to Bersini, have an immense artistic potential! The part that caches the magazines’ binding is generally little noticed by the reader, but by placing them one next to the other and playing with the chromatic combinations, they yield great potentialities. In this way, he creates objects of all types, and this style has become his signature feature. The items belonging to the Scanner Design series are made with magazine spines applied to wooden structures designed and assembled by the author himself. One-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces are available, among which bar stools, mirrors, coat stands and pen-holders: ''Enciclopedia Psichedelica'', ''Spirito Nomade'', ''Esercizio'', ''Sfide Folli'', are just some of the titles of the works whose name is extrapolated -- like every item of the series -- “randomly”, from one of the magazine spines that covers its structure.

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