TidBits 068: “Two’s company... three is a crowd!”

One of the most solid and world renowned relationships risks crumbling!

It’s the “match made in heaven” between wine and glass: a perfect bond that Italian producers sayhas contributed to enhancing the reputation of Made-in-Italy foodstuffs by uniting the quality of the container to that of the product contained inside. But this “perfect marriage” risks collapsing foreverdue to ... an unexpected third party!

It is a well known fact that temptation is always just around the corner, and for the glass bottle, thebreakup of this idyllic relationship is to be blamed on... paper bottles!

The temptation arrives from the UK. According to The Guardian, this decision is due to difficulties indisposing of the increasing amounts of trash and problems with creating new dumping sites. For thisreason, wine will start to be distributed in biodegradable paper bottles there, weighing just 55 gramsthat can be disposed of simply through composting.

But glass will not easily surrender to losing its beloved wine. What’s more, the ancient binomial issealed also in the name of environmental respect by very important associations so... could weindeed speak of a new true love?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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