TidBits 066: UPS: trust in cardboard!

The famous American brand UPS, specialized in logistics and package delivery, has produced a very particular advertisement campaign to promote its stores and the services guaranteed by them. Through this campaign, the UPS Store brand becomes something more than a mere shipping center…

Speaking of shipments, one of the fundamental factors is the packing that protects the goods to bedelivered to their destination. Generally, the UPS courier supplies boxes in different sizes, perfectlyindicated for this purpose... so what better material to tell this story if not cardboard?!

And so it was. The advert agency collaborated with a studio specialized in the design of animatedcommercials and together they studied a series of ads where the different cardboard characters moveabout in a fantastic world, live out several adventures and have one mission to perform: shipping anobject to someone. The commercials all end in the same way - inside a UPS Store where you canentrust your precious object to a UPS employee!

The interesting aspect of these ads is not only semantic, but also concerns the structural and technicalaspects that rotate around something that is integral to the world of UPS (who commissioned theads): cardboard! Besides being fantastic and surreal, the worlds they tell about metaphorically representmodern "jungles" where it is not always easy to find someone you can trust. They are madewholly of raw cardboard - the same used to make the boxes that protect the object during the journeyto its destination.

So the world of cardboard represents a reality that is not at all fragile, but rather embodies the concretesolutions offered by a trusted supplier like UPS Store!

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