TidBits 058: The paper alphabet.

Atelier Pariri is a non-conventional graphics studio founded by designer Jerome Corgier.

Jerome has a passion for sculpture and typography and we find these two beloved worlds in his work and projectsusing paper. Among them, the project on the Alphabet, born “To give new life to letters which are often consideredonly abstract concepts, and for a special re-birth of an alphabet as old as the Latin one.” Jerome choosesthose letters that in his opinion transmit the greatest sensations, selecting the most artistic typographical characters.He re-creates the letters using paper, highlighting their forms. Veritable sculptures. “Paper is very easyto manipulate: you can cut it and color it so that it becomes very exciting”. With this alphabet, each letter isreborn and lives a new life with particular shapes and colors; and each of them tells its own story - a story thatis different from all the others.

This project by no means represents the end of Jerome's experiments with letters, but rather the beginning of anactivity in constant progress, whose next steps are very clear in his mind. Probably, Jerome will continue workingwith characters, uniting different letters and different alphabets... in the intent of giving new life to newlanguages!

For further information about Atelier graphique Pariri web site: www.pariri.com.

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