TidBits 053: The sustainable concreteness of living

In an era where environmental sustainability and respect permeate the dynamics of entrepreneurialship almost as much as they do mass economies, a house made of cardboard constitutes not only a building solution, but a veritable challenge to the construction industry.

Sturdiness, low cost and energy savings are the strongholds of this project that utilizes amaterial that is more than just versatile, recycled and 100% recyclable. And what’s more, acardboard house seems to simplify a whole series of needs that we can all appreciate.

Thanks to a reduced investment, ease of transport, quick and simple assembly (2 personsfor 6 hours), its applications are motley and variable: emergency shelter, lodgings in particularareas affected by natural disasters, temporary homes for transition phases in one’s lifeor for brief periods of stay, for example while one is building his or her dreamhouse …!

Cardboard, which is not considered a building material per se, yields new creative opportunities.The board material used for the Cardboard House is recycled and completely recyclableand – together with the plastic used for the roof, the battery-operated and photovoltaiclighting systems, and the water collection system designed also for composting – makesthis project a viable ecological, 100% sustainable option. A lodging for the… not-toodistantfuture!

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