TidBits 048: 100 paper shoes, by Carlos N. Molina

Motley colored, extravagant, unusual, eccentric but totally glamorous and worthy of the best ateliers: these are the paper shoes designed and hand-made by Carlos N. Molina, a Puerto Rican artist living in New York.

His passion was born when he was just eight years old and his aunt, Titi Yita, gave him his first Origami set as a present – the picklock that opened for him the fascinating world of paper and the artistic expression that derives from working with it.

The love for shoes and for vertiginously-high heels together with the passion forpaper, created an artistic combination unique in its kind. The sinuous curves ofthese objects inspire creativity and a touch of magic. The shoes remind us of ourjourney.

As Carrie Bradshaw, protagonist of the winning TV series “Sex and the City” stated: “Men I may not understand! But shoes... there I’m an expert!” And these shoes are really particular. Just like Cinderella found her perfect print in the glass slipper, sothe miniatures by Carlos N. Molina invite us to leave a footprint of our journey. The works created by the artist are made in origami paper and are 3.81 cm long and 1.27 cm wide, with a maximum height of 3.82 cm.

Precious fairytale jewels dedicated to “Princesses” who love to dream. “When women ask me about heels, I say, try a pair on. If you don't see the magic, stick to Reeboks!” (Manolo Blahnik).

For further information: www.carlosNmolina.com

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