TidBits 022: Paper jewels

Triennale DesignCafé September 16 - October 25, 2009 – Inauguration September 15, 2009, at 6:30 PM

The Triennale Design Museum presents Gioielli di carta by Alba Cappellieri and Bianca Cappello, the most complete exhibition dedicated to paper jewelry featuring the works of over sixty designers coming from the entire world. Folded, embroidered, interwoven, sewn, sponged, pleated, creased, recycled, glued, watercolored, paper takes on unexpected décors and forms. Rarefied shapes like those of Nobuko Murakami’s origamis, elegant like the plissés by Janna Syvanoja and Daniele Papuli, or the gorgières of the Dutchman NelLinssen, a bloom like Sandra di Giacinto’s geometries or material like the textures of Ritsuko Ogura, festive like the flowers of Ana Hagopian, the collages by Feroci Design or the phantoms of the Pole Andrzej Szadkowski, conceptual like the compositions of Fritz Maierhofer.

The paper jewel per force makes us re-consider the concept of preciousness, which is here no longer entrusted to metals and gems like in traditional jewels, but rather to the design project that represents the leitmotif of the exhibition. The vulnerability of paper lends itself well to considerations that are usually not associated with jewels, such as sustainability, ecology and the valorization of the territory. Free from the exchange value dictated by the market, the paper jewel explores languages and themes that are transversal to many disciplines: ornaments, color, shapes, surfaces, textures.

The event is made possible also thanks to the contribution of Comieco, Perini Journal, AGC - associazione gioiello contemporaneo (association of contemporary jewels), Fedrigoni, Artem, Ficed and P2.

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