TidBits 010: STRAPPI, Guido Scarabottolo Illustrations for the world of tissue.

Nice, 23-26 March 2009, Lucca 26-27 March 2009

When I tell people that I work for a magazine that speaks about tissue, they look at me questioningly, bewildered.

“Yes, tissue” I say, “handkerchiefs, toilet paper…”

Then they smile with a slight embarrassment that may mean:

”Oh, you deal with that…”

And they don’t know whether to express curiosity, maybe ask for more details or just ignore the issue, since they think it makes for rather unpleasant conversation.

This is how Guido Scarabottolo, internationally renowned illustrator, begins the introduction of the catalogue made for the exhibition “STRAPPI, Illustrations for the world of tissue” organized by PERINI JOURNAL for the TISSUE WORLD show that will be held in Nice, France, from 23 to 26 March (booth E01) and in Lucca, at the Fabio Perini SpA facilities in Mugnano Sud, for the company’s Open House on March 26 and 27.

The exhibition is part of the celebrations for the PERINI JOURNAL’s 30th anniversary, together with the publication of a special-edition issue of the magazine and the of a brochure that tells the story of what started as a house organ in 1979 with its first 16-page issue, up to the status of internationally renowned trade magazine, with its soon-to-be-published 192-page issue n. 32.

Through the illustrations of Guido Scarabottolo featured in the Journal, STRAPPI tells about the most important events in the history of tissue in the course of these last few decades.

“But what exactly is your job in this magazine?”, friends ask with perplexed curiosity when the Milan artist, who will be present in Lucca for the inauguration of the exhibition, speaks about his 20-year experience with the PERINI JOURNAL.

“I do the illustrations. Besides through text, the magazine communicates through photos, graphs and data tables. There are also topics that express ideas and concepts that can be more easily understood – and also rendered more reader-friendly – through an illustration.”

Internet site: www.scarabottolo.com

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